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Friends to the Yorkwood Family!


We would like to announce some new Friends to the Yorkwood Family! The Brooklyn BreweryBrooklyn IndustriesThe StrandMast Brothers ChocolateSprout HomeThe Brooklyn Kitchen, and Modern:Anthology have all provided pallet wood for the Yorkwood Line! So, the next time you are picking up one of their products think of how much cooler those companies are for joining our community based recycling program and helping us produce Yorkwood furniture! Check them out on our Friends page.

Written by Adam Finkelman — July 31, 2012

UrbanDaddy features Yorkwood Co.

"Good Wood"

UrbanDaddy.Com featured Yorkwood Co. today! In their article they explain how we:

"...go to businesses around the city and collect the pine, walnut and poplar from those pallets you see everywhere (the ones with a metric ton of flour sacks on them). Then they turn it all into xyloid masterpieces." - UrbanDaddy.Com

Read the whole article here!

Thanks so much to UrbanDaddy for all of the kind words!

Written by Adam Finkelman — July 20, 2012

Check out Yorkwood Co.'s new brand!


Check out Yorkwood Co.'s new wood brand! 

Now all of our pieces will have a Yorkwood Signature on them!

Written by Adam Finkelman — July 11, 2012

SHFT features the Yorkwood Large Bench

"Salvaged shipping pallets shaped into handsome seating" - SHFT.Com 

SHFT.Com found out about YorkwoodCo.com and decided to post about their favorite piece of Yorkwood Furniture - The Large Bench!

"If your home decor aesthetic fall somewhere between rustic warmth and industrial cool, then we've found the right furniture designers for you...Crafted from wooden pallets and steel from a Queens foundry, the piece seamlessly merges a warm wooden character with a steely industrial vibe. And at six feet in length, there is plenty of room to chill with your friends." -SHFT.Com

Written by Adam Finkelman — July 08, 2012

Yorkwood Summer Sets #1 - Combo Machevere

Yorkwood Summer Sets #1

Combo Machevere

Yorkwood Co. would like to thank local act 'Combo Machevere' for their awesome performance at The Yorkwood Tent. Props to the combo for their killer rendition of Careless Whisper by George Michael! Check out a clip from the song!

Written by Adam Finkelman — July 06, 2012

Apartment Therapy sends out positive praise to Yorkwood Co.

Yorkwood Co.: Community-Supported Reclaimed Wood Furniture 

"Where do all the old, beaten up wood shipping pallets of New York City go? If Yorkwood Co. has anything to do with it, they'll go back into your home — after being transformed into warm industrial style furniture, that is." - Apartmenttherapy.com

Thanks to Apartmenttherapy.com for all of the kind words! Yorkwood Co. is so proud to have been mentioned on their site! Check it out!

Written by Adam Finkelman — June 22, 2012

Treehugger.com writes an article on Yorkwood Co.

 Simple, Lovely Furniture Is Made from Salvaged NYC Wood

"New York City is loved by its residents for the fact that if you can think of you want, you can find it somewhere without leaving the five boroughs. A Brooklyn furniture company has applied that confidence to its materials by collecting used shipping pallets from local businesses and turning them into tables, benches and stools that are simple and gorgeous." - Alex Davies - Treehugger.com

Treehugger.com has written and posted an article on Yorkwood Co. Check it out! Thanks so much to Treehugger.com for all of the positive praise!

Written by Adam Finkelman — June 22, 2012